Success Stories

Fora Financial is committed to helping small businesses succeed! Check out these success stories, and find out how our financing allowed these businesses to flourish.

Professional Services

A rapidly-expanding professional services firm in North Carolina faced a critical juncture in its growth trajectory. Needing additional capital to sustain its expansion, the firm turned to Fora Financial for a timely and flexible financing solution.

Bridging Capital

A rapidly growing company faced a significant cash flow challenge, necessitating a bridge financing solution to maintain momentum. This case study explores how Fora Financial’s bridge capital proved to be the missing piece of the company's growth plan.

Healthcare Staffing

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a Texas-based healthcare staffing firm needed a larger headquarters to accommodate their expanded workforce. The firm imminently needed $1M of liquidity to cover initial costs of the new headquarters.

Commercial Forestry

A commercial forestry company based in the Pacific Northwest had a lucrative new project on the horizon that could spearhead significant growth.

Electric Company

With several new projects on the horizon, a California-based commercial/residential electric company faced liquidity constraints that impeded its expansion plans. In a race against time, they turned to Fora Financial for a solution to bridge the cashflow gap and seize growth opportunities.

Commercial Storage

In the ever-evolving realm of commercial storage, a seasoned player with 17 years in the business and annual revenues of $30 million, embarked on a transformative journey. This case study illuminates how their partnership with Fora Financial, marked by strategic funding and renewals, fueled their expansion plans and bolstered financial resilience.

Ecommerce Specialty Food

Discover how Fora Financial's strategic investment of $1,000,000 propelled an emerging company into prominence in the e-commerce specialty food sector. These funds facilitated the expansion of production capacity, elevated e-commerce presence, and accelerated growth.

Fitness Center

In the world of fitness and wellness, a local gym demonstrated a commitment to exceptional exercise experiences. This case study delves into their partnership with Fora Financial, where they secured a crucial $150,000 equipment financing solution.

Craft Brewery

A craft brewery known for its unique flavors partnered with Fora Financial to secure a $170,000 working capital funding solution. The brewery leveraged the funding to craft innovative brews, enhance the taproom experience, and amplify marketing efforts. Explore how Fora Financial's support helped the Craft Brewery thrive and become a local favorite.

Health Services

A wellness center set out to redefine well-being, where health is nurtured, not just treated. Discover how a collaboration with Fora Financial secured $750,000 to bridge the path to transformative growth.


A construction company faced substantial cash flow issues, limiting their ability to tackle larger projects. This case study delves into their collaboration with Fora Financial, a partnership that provided $240,000 in vital funding. This financial boost allowed the firm to purchase necessary materials, employ skilled labor, and successfully execute high-value projects.


A local landscaping company with 15 years' time in business and $10M of annual revenues selects Fora Financial as their funding partner with one goal in mind: 50% year-to-year growth.


Embark on a journey into the world of woven fabric bags that are making waves in the demolition clean-up industry. We'll explore our partnership with Fora Financial, which secured $800,000 to support our growth, maintain production, and drive strategic expansion.

Medical Center

Embark on the journey of a Medical Center's transformation — a story of how vision met reality with a strategic partnership. Discover how a funding boost of $720,000 from Fora Financial propelled the Medical Center into the future of healthcare.

Fashion Boutique

A boutique fashion store sought to establish itself as a top-tier fashion destination, recognizing an opportunity in a thriving retail market. With challenges in inventory management and store enhancements, Fora Financial was able to help by providing $300,000 in tailored funding, a fast approval, and expert financial guidance.

Travel Agency

Within the realm of travel and adventure, a travel agency embarked on a transformative journey. This case study sheds light on a travel agency's strategic collaboration with Fora Financial, enabling them to secure funding for enhancing their services, curating distinctive adventures, and embarking on a path of substantial growth.

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