Facilitating Growth in Commercial Forestry Industry

  • Funding Amount: $750,000

  • Industry: Forestry

  • Use of Funds: Hiring Additional Staff, Acquiring New Equipment and Materials

A commercial forestry company based in the Pacific Northwest had a lucrative new project on the horizon that could spearhead significant growth. However, the company needed additional capital to expand its operations and fulfill contractual obligations. In a race against time, they turned to Fora Financial for a solution to secure the necessary funds and ensure the project's timely commencement.


By leveraging innovative technologies to optimize forest management practices, the company aspired to become a leading provider of sustainable forestry solutions in the Pacific Northwest region while ensuring long-term environmental conservation.


A large new project presented a pivotal growth opportunity for the company. However, to capitalize on this opportunity and fulfill the contractual obligations associated with the project, the company required additional capital to expand its workforce, acquire new equipment, and procure materials essential for project execution.


The company needed the necessary funds urgently to ensure an impending project could commence on schedule. Traditional financing avenues were either too slow or unable to accommodate the company's immediate funding requirements.

How Fora Financial Helped

Fora Financial facilitated the commercial forestry company's growth by providing flexible and expedited funding solutions. Their rapid approval process, taking only 6 hours, enabled the company to meet project deadlines. Moreover, Fora Financial's forward-thinking approach, considering future revenue potential, demonstrated their commitment to supporting the company's long-term growth and fostering a productive partnership.


  • Timely Project Commencement: With Fora Financial's swift funding, the commercial forestry company was able to commence the new project on schedule, meeting contractual obligations and positioning themselves for success in the competitive forestry industry.

  • Accelerated Growth Trajectory: By securing the necessary capital to expand their workforce and acquire essential equipment and materials, the company laid the foundation for accelerated growth and enhanced market presence in the Pacific Northwest commercial forestry sector.


This case study highlights how Fora Financial's speed, flexibility, and forward-thinking approach empowered the company to overcome funding challenges, capitalize on growth opportunities, and advance towards achieving their vision of sustainable forestry excellence. For businesses seeking agile and innovative financing solutions, Fora Financial emerges as a trusted partner in driving growth and success.

Why Fora Financial

The commercial forestry company opted for Fora Financial for several reasons:

  • Speedy Funding Process: Fora Financial's rapid approval and funding process ensured the timely availability of funds, allowing the company to meet deadlines and seize growth opportunities without delay.
  • Flexibility in Underwriting: Fora Financial's willingness to adopt a prospective approach in underwriting, considering the company's future revenue potential, demonstrated their commitment to supporting the company's growth trajectory and fostering a long-term partnership.

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